trading strategies Dan Zanger used to turn a $10,775 into $42 million in 2 years

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Up to this day Dan Zanger still hold two world records for the largest annual stock market return. Here in this article, I want to show you how Dan Zanger trade the market but before I show you his trading strategies he used to turn a $10,775 account into $42 million in two years here is a short summary of who Dan Zanger is.

Who is Dan Zanger

Dan Zanger

Zanger grew up in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. He started college but dropped out to snow ski for a few years in Colorado and Idaho. Had a few odd jobs, such cab driver and prep cook to support himself during his early twenties.

Eventually, he moved back to LA and started working for a landscape company and eventually got his California contractor’s license. 

He ventured into pool building in Beverly Hills as an independent contractor where he made a modest living from then.

His mother Elaine loved the stock market and Dan would often watch the business channel with her. One day in 1978 Dan saw a stock explode across the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen hitting $1. He made his first purchase and sold the stock a few weeks later at over $3. From that sale on, he fall in love with the financial market and started trading part-time.

After blowing his trading account 3 times, 1997, Dan decided to sell his Porsche for approximately $10,775 to have the necessary capital to trade the market full-time.

In just 18 months, he parlayed that $10,775 into $18,000 000, after 23 months his account was already seating at $42,000 000. That’s record breaking of 29000% in 12 months and 164000% profit in 18 months periods, respectively.

With this success, Dan Zanger was able to become a full-time trader and leave contracting behind.

Dan Zanger’s trading strategies

Dan turned $10,775 into $42,000,000 in about 2 years using nothing more than chart patterns, price and volume- the very same trading patterns available on this website.

He combines chart patterns with fast growing companies that boast great earnings and revenue growth. These stocks then go on to yield big returns of sometimes a few hundred percent or more.

Dan uses reversal chart patterns like the Head and shoulders, double patterns, triangle chart patterns, and other famous patterns.

These are some of the most simplest but very powerful and reliable patterns. If you want trade these pattern make sure you learn and master them. You will thank yourself one day.


If you can’t wait for good setups, you will be ready for them with less cash to trade – Dan Zanger


What can we learn from Dan Zanger

Dan Zanger’s story teaches us that trading doesn’t really have to be complicated as most novice trader believe that to trade successfully one must have a complex trading  strategy. This is one of the reasons why I love pure price action trading.

Dan blow up his account 3 times but he never change his trading strategies or gave up because he believed in his trading strategies and learned from his mistakes. Unlike what most novice traders do-keep changing strategies.

Dan might have made a lot of money in a very short period of time but he spent  ±20 years studying every type of chart pattern formation imaginable. New traders should invest their time in learning to trade and not rush to open live accounts.

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I can give you a formula to draw big returns from the market – Can you sit and wait for that signal or will you chop yourself to death? – Dan Zanger


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  1. I just found this website now and i am amazing at the story of Dan Zanger. It is motivating me to take a bold step in learning how to trading especially with price action strategy.

    Thank you for adding me in one of your groups and i believe after 3 months my accounts will be very good to look at and not having negatives

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