How to change templates on your metatrader 4 platform

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The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to change your template on metatrader 4 platform.

This post might be very useful to beginners or to those who are unfamiliar with the MT4 platform.

Unless you like the default template that comes with your MT4, then there is no need for you to continue with this tutorial.

metatrader 4 default template

One of the things I like about metatrader 4 is the fact that is easy to use So.Let’s start…

– Open a new chart and make sure it’s clean by clicking (CTRL + B) to remove all indicates  

– right click on the chart and select properties Or simple click F8

– select “colors” and change the colors to your favourite colors.

If you would like to set your temple to look exactly like mine, follow the instructions below:

  • Change the background color to lightGray
  • Change both bar up and down color to black.
  • bull color to lime.
  • And change bear color to red.

metatrader 4 template

Once you’re done setting up the colors, you might also want to change few things on common tab,


 Chart autoscroll Is on by default. This causes the chart to scroll back to the end on every  incoming tick, and it’s annoying so you might want to unmark it.


Grid is also on by default, if you like me, then you might also want to unmark it to keep you charts clean

metatrader 4

Once you are done click “OK”

You can also add indicators if your trading strategy uses indicators.

once you done, right click again on your chart and select template

Select save template.You will have to name your template

Enter a name for the templates (name it whatever you want) and save it.


Once you done, you can open another price chart while you want to have the same colors and indicators with the same settings on it. To do that, right click on each of the newly opened charts then click on “Template” and then click on the name of the template you just saved.

The template will be applied to the chart. Follow the save process each time you open a new chart.

However, this can take a lot of your time. So here is a simple trick that helps you have the same template applied, each time you open a new chart without having to apply the saved template on each price chart one by one:

When you save the template, you can name it “Default”. If you do that, any new chart that you open will use the same template automatically.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

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