how to trade Bollinger bands with trendline

This is the second trading strategy i am writting about Bollinger bands but this one is total different from the first one. This is a price action trading strategy that uses the trendline strategy and Bollinger bands. Combining trendline with Bollinger Bands, creates a great trading system that shows the strongest reversal trade setups.

Bollinger bands are mainly used for volatility but they can also be used to show both overbought and oversold condition.

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How to trade Bollinger bands squeeze the right way

Bollinger Band Squeeze

The Bollinger Band Squeeze strategy is a very simple and very profitable strategy that is used by many professional traders in both stocks and currency trading. here, I am going to explain how to trade Bollinger bands squeeze the right way, where to place your protective stop loss and your take profit target, but before I do that let me quickly explain what Bollinger bands are:

Bollinger Bands consist of 3 bands or lines : Bollinger Upper Band, Bollinger Lower Band and Bollinger band middle. The middle band is a 20 Simple Moving average. The Bollinger band upper and bollinger band lower are the standard deviation of the middle band.

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3 Simple Moving Averages strategy

Here’s a really easy to follow forex strategy based on 3 Simple moving averages. I am going to explain how it works, where to place your stop loss and also give you some options on how to close your trades for profits.

Simple Moving Avarage or SMA is one of the most used indicators. Although i do not use any indicators in my own trading and i only use naked price action, i still believe that SMA is a strong and good indicator for retail traders who prefer to trade with indicators.

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leading indicators vs. lagging indicators

If you’re a fan of technical indicators or you just want to know how trade using indicators then definitely want to read this article. It’s no secret that one of the reasons why traders fail when if comes to forex trading is because they don’t know how to use their strategies or indicators correctly.

In this article , i am going to talk about two types of indicators. Technical chart indicators comes in two different forms; they are either “lagging” indicators or “leading” indicators.I will explain the difference between these two indicators. I will also explain when to use them and when not to use them. Continue reading “leading indicators vs. lagging indicators”