How to not blow your forex trading account

If you are wondering how many losing trades in a row can you take before you blow up your trading account or if you want to know how to not blow up your trading account, then after reading this article you’ll know the answers to these two questions.

Ever been in situation where your take 5, 7, or 10 trades in a row and they all go against you? No matter how careful and selective you are of your trades you just can’t stop losing?

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what’s the best way to grow your trading account

Most novice traders think that to constantly make money  in the market you must have a trading strategy that produces winning trades all the time but that isn’t true.

In fact, most professional traders make money on only 30-40% of their trade. Most traders have more losing trades. That’s a fact!

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money management based on position sizing

Position sizing is one of the most important topics in the financial market, so important that some Professional traders call it a ‘holly grai’. I’m not sure if I can take it that far but I know for sure that if you don’t use it you never going make profit consistently .

 As long as there is a chance of losing your money, the first and most important thing to do is to protect you trading account like your life depends on it.

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