Forex brokers in UK

Below is a online forex brokers in UK. If you are a resident of the United kingdom or just looking to open an account with UK based  forex broker, its important that you choose the most reliable  forex brokers in UK- those that are  regulated by the FCA.Online forex brokers operating in UK

FCA supervise United Kingdom forex brokers to ensure that their clients are treated fairly and to encourage innovation and healthy competition.

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Forex brokers in South Africa

This is a complete list of onlone forex brokers in South Africa.

The Financial Services Board (FSB) is the goverment of South African financial regulatory agent that oversees the non-banking financial services industry, which includes.

  • investment institutions
  • Retirement funds
  • insurance
  • Funerals
  • Financial advisory
  • Capital markets
  • Nominee companies
  • Collective investment schemes

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Top 20 best forex brokers in the world

Because I understand how difficult it is to find a reliable forex broker you can trust with your hard-earned cash since there are more than 1,000 online forex brokers to choose from. I decided to compile a list of top 20 best forex brokers in the world.

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