Most profitable chart patterns

This tutorial is all about trading chart patterns. There are many chart patterns that technical traders use to identify trade setups, chart patterns like flags, pennants, diamond, cup and handles and wedge just to name a few. However, here in this article I am only going to cover the most popular and most profitable trading chart patterns.

I decided to write only about these patterns because of the potential for a big move in the forex market or in the financial market for that matter . We will go into greater detail about each one below: Continue reading “Most profitable chart patterns”

MetaTrader 4 platform tutorial

This tutorial is all about metaTrader 4 platform. There are many other trading platforms thats technical traders use to trade the financial market, trading platforms like ActTrader, Currenex, MetaTrader5, Mirror trader, Tradeo, ZuluTrade, FXSTAT, just to name a few. Out of all trading platforms, metaTrader 4 is the most used trading platform so I decided to write this tutorial to help new traders master this famous trading platform.

I will go into greater detail about each one of the topics below: Continue reading “MetaTrader 4 platform tutorial”

free price action forex signals

Every week I post new free forex signals. These free weekly price action signals are based on these strategies below.

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Also if you’re new to forex trading and you know nothing about it please do yourself a favor and read this article Here.

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4 free forex signals for 12-16th  of august  2019

#1.eurgbp sell signal based on resistance level strategyForex signals

#2.nzdcad but signal based on support levelForex signals

#3.USDCHF buy signal forming on a support levelForex signals

#4.USEDJPY buy signal forming on a support levelForex signals

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what is correlation of pairs and how you can use it in your favor

Currency correlation

If you have been trading forex for a while and paying a closer look into how currency pairs move, you will notice that most of currency pairs are related to each other somehow.

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most important and reliable candlestick patterns

This article is primarily intended to forex traders who are unfamiliar with candlestick patterns  (reversal, continuation, and indecision candlestick patterns). In this tutorial, i am going to walk you through the most important and reliable candlestick patterns.

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to recognize different types of candlestick patterns because these candlestick patterns will help you to identity potential trading opportunities in the forex market. 

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head and shoulders pattern

There are many trading patterns that traders use to make trading decisions: Trading patterns like triangle patterns, double tops and bottoms , cup and handles, etc. However, in this post  i want to talk about head and shoulders pattern.

Here you are going to learn about two types of head and shoulders patterns: what is head and shoulders pattern and how to trade them.Without wasting anytime, let’sget started… Continue reading “head and shoulders pattern”

Forex triangle patterns

There are many patterns that traders use to make trading decisions. however, In this tutorial I am only  going to cover the triangle patterns. Triangle patterns are amongst the most frequently formed  patterns and are very easy to trade.

There are three main types of triangle patterns: symmetrical pattern , ascending pattern , and descending pattern. Continue reading “Forex triangle patterns”

how to trade forex (step by step guide)

Forex trading has attracted so much attention in the past few years and the fact that you’re here in my site reading this article means you are also interested in it or at least you want to know what is it and how it works. Here in this article you will learn how to trade forex step by step.

I am sure you have seen those traders on the Internet who claim forex has indeed worked for them, how it made them rich over night, those traders who will use every opportunity they get to show off the lifestyle forex trading  afforded them.

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